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Re: Jam Man

        Clifford, that's a pretty good deal these days...the prices on
        those things are so inflated.  From what I can tell the EDP is
        the way to go, but there's nothing wrong w/ having both, is there?
        If you decide you don't want the Jamman, may I butt in and
        offer myself as a reciepient.  I haven't been able to afford
        the EDP or the inflated Jamman.  THough you've probably got
        similar offers.


At 05:09 PM 3/31/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi all-
>i am expecting my EDP tomorrow but I also found a used Jam Man for $199
>bucks- I dont know any of the specs but do any of you know how I can sus
>it out by turning it on? Does the screen show you if it is updated, or
>how much memory etc? I got an itch to buy it but I have heard about some
>update for it and that the zip mem is expensive for it as well- so if I
>knew how to assess it I just might end up with a Jam Man and an EDP at
>the same darn time!