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new grendel song for april

Hi, my list fellows.  Well, though it isn't QUITE april yet, it will be
soon, and there's a new Grendel song up.  Grendel is, well, the only
constant is that it's electronic.  I used to call it progressive, but
since prog is stagnating so harshly, I don't anymore. (:

This song, "Arizona Bay, Part 1," is a nice monologue with soundscape.
There are no synths on this recording (I always wanted to say that ... 
I'm david torn).  All the music is produced by flute, so if you want to
see what you can do with acoustic instruments, check it out at
http://listen.to/grendel or the URL in the sig.  Look under "Songs" for
the song, and have fun.

Listen to Grendel (ambient/signal music) at
Or dont.
    Other stuff: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Atrium/4664