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Re: EDPvsJamman

Running your Jam Man in the stereo effects loop of your nightbass is a nice
way to go, because it preserves the stereo effects.  If the nightbass is
like the SGX-2000, then the mono effect loop is before any stereo effects,
in the chain.  So, if you put your EDP on the mono effect loop, you won't
be looping any any of your stereo digital effects, just your mono analog
ones (at least that is how the SGX worked).  You wouldn't be able to switch
effect patches, w/o also changin your looped sounds.

I prefer to use a mixer's effect send for my 'plex, so I can run the
echoplex output back into the mixer input.  This way I preserve stereo of
my original signal (I just send one side of the stereo to the 'plex), and
can pan the returning 'plex signal, or even send it to another effect (on
another loop).

- Chris

>Since the Jamman doesn't really loop in stereo;is there any reason why I
>couldn't duplicate my Jamman "experience"(currently in the stereo
>effects loop of my Nightbass,while my EPD resides in the mono loop) with
>another EPD a couple of Y cables and a lousy footpedal;)
>In other words,would this(2 Y cables) be the equivalent to the Stereo