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Panel Discussion on Fair Pay for Musicians

 The Brecht Forum
>122 West 27th Street, 10th Floor
>between 6th and 7th Avenues
>New York, NY 10010
>(212) 242-4201
>For immediate release                                        Contact:
>Mestres 212-242-4201
>Barbara Burch 718-398-2810
>The Brecht Forum and the Noise Action Coalition will sponsor a panel
>"Pay to Play?" examining the issue of fair pay for musicians, 
>Stanley Aronowitz, Marc Ribot, Lianne Smith, Greg Tate and others.  
>The event is Saturday, March 27th at 6 p.m. at 122 West 27th Street,
>Floor, between 6th and 7th Avenues in Manhattan.  Admission is $6-10
>scale, no one turned away for lack of funds.  For information call
>The Noise Action Coalition (NAC), an organizing project by and for
>working the network of clubs and indie labels centered around 
>York City, is made up of Jazz, New Music, "Knitting Factory scene" 
>Rock musicians.  The NAC has protested the No-Pay policy at Arlene
>Grocery and
>other No-Pay clubs.  The NAC has also conducted informational 
>of the
>CMJ Music Fest over the festival's non-payment of musicians.  Last
>year, the
>NAC won the first collectively bargained agreement at a major U.S. 
>festival, the Knitting Factory/Texaco (now Bell Atlantic) New York 
>Festival, doubling minimum rates of pay for participating musicians.
>Behind these actions was the belief by NAC supporters that when money
>is made,
>musicians should be paid.  And behind that belief is an assumption 
>musicians can and should organize collectively to win better
>The panel will explore whether these beliefs and assumptions are 
>realistic.  Topics will include: whether musicians have a moral or
>legal right
>to collectively bargain; whether unions are possible or desirable in 
>downtown music scene dominated by freelancers; and if the 
>structure and rules normally associated with unions can co-exist with
>creative flexibility and spontaneity of this scene?
>The panel will discuss how the NAC's organizing does or does not fit 
>the Musicians' Union, and how the NAC relates to other 
>organizing efforts among part-time, freelance and "intellectual" 
>The Brecht Forum is an educational and cultural organization for 
>are working for fundamental social change.  Neues Kabarett, a regular
>garde music series, is one of several ongoing cultural events 
>by the
>Brecht Forum, including: monthly visual art exhibits, The Gashouse (a
>music and poetry night), film and video series, focus groups for
>artists, and
>performances ranging from dance to experimental theater.  

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