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Re: jamman in stereo?

On 3/11/99 Brian said:
>any one tried to sync up two jammen?


>will they sync up?

>will the slave unit respond to the master unit's commands

Yes, but sometimes that can be annoying, as in when you do not want them
both synced up. I keep mine on separate MIDI channels and can then control
either unit or both at the same time via a PMC-10. If you run the MIDI
connection from one unit to the other. Then the first unit will control the
loop length of the second one via the MIDI clock it sends. This is very
annoying so If you do want to keep the ability to control them separately
use a MIDI splitter box or the throughs form another unit. Or there is a
way that Bob Sellon told us to turn off this aspect o the Jam Men, but I
have to find my notes on that. It is similar to how you set the IDI

Does any one else remember? If not I'll find this info for you. BTW Nice
piece on the Looper's CD Vol 2. Why does no one ever talk about this CD on
the list?


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