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Re: RE: stick

In a message dated 2/11/99 12:00:13 PM, stevehan@transworld-lax.com writes:

>Perhaps you are right.  $1,300.00 & $1,600.00 were
>probably special prices for the NAMM show only.
>I wonder why Stanley Jordan hasn't pick one up...
>Hmmmm  think of the possibilities....

Wow, they have gotten expensive. Maybe you should consider a used one? I 
a polycarbonate one back in the mid 80's, but eventually sold it (to that
Tracktor Topaz guy) and switched to guitar. If Stanley Jordan hasn't picked
one up by now, it ain't likely, i have read in several interview that he 
they exist, but it seems he doesn't want to climb the learning curve of a