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Volunteers Needed

Retention and Career Enhancement

Volunteers needed to help with all phases of program development and implementation at Calvert Medical Associates, a wholly owned small business, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Volunteers can range in ages from 9 to 80. Be homemakers, artists, retirees, students and professionals. Everyone is welcome to participate on most projects.

Volunteers needed with the ability to work independently to mold their won experiences in completing projects. Many of these projects are first time projects and volunteers must be willing to be pioneers; flexible, self motivated, committed, open minded, resourceful and having a sense of humor are important qualities of volunteers on these projects.

Our services have consistently high ratings for client satisfaction. One way Calvert Medical Associates has achieved this is by listening to our clients and acting when they have a need. That’s where volunteers – come in. As a volunteer, you’ll

  • Provide office support
  • Conduct telemarketing surveys
  • Quarterly mailings, paper folding and envelope stuffing
  • Word processing
  • Transfer incoming calls
  • Keep track and provide assistance to incoming callers
  • Taking good notes is also important
  • Know how to handle various and unusual events (these will be explained in your orientation).
  • Most importantly, work with Calvert Medical Associates representative to develop improvements/changes in programs
  • Computer skills are helpful if you have them, but not required
  • Flexible time commitment, Friday-Sunday good, too.

Volunteer services with Calvert Medical Associates is an excellent way to gain work experience while going good. This experience may also be used for internships.

If you have an interest in volunteering at Calvert Medical Associates, please call us at (770) 322-9131, or fax (770) 322-8698.