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Re: echovirus mp3

>There are other players out there capable of playing MP3 files, such as
>Windows Media Player...  Or is this more of a proprietary Java-esque 

It's not a play issue, it's a download issue.  Netscape downloads mp3s in
7 bit mode, basically ASCII.  However, mp3s are binary files, and need to
be downloaded in 8 bit mode.  Now you can download ASCII with an 8 bit
connection, easy, but if you try the other way around, you get crap.

A lot of people zip their mp3s for this very reason--netscape is 
enough to download zip files in 8 bit mode.  There is no way to tell
Netscape to download binary, like you could with a ten year old ftp
program.  This is a flaw in a program that is otherwise about a million
times more pleasant to deal with than the Microsoft product.

GetRight is a program that will do the trick, though, but it only works
with valid URLs.  Which is killed by the cgi script.

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