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GR-30 editor adaptation for Emagic Sound Diver for you

I'm happy to share with you this brand new GR-30 adaptation for the
sound diver librarian, editor

Librarian for system area, patches, arps (the patch data is separated
from the arp data so you can mix and match patches and arps)
in fact you can even send new arps during arpeggio playing with a hold;
the GR supports this sys ex real-time burst bravely while playing 
cool no ?

All parameters are supported in a very personal digital guitar layout
the arp editor is very very useful and easy


please don't harass me with questions about it, its really simple to use
and I guess it works fine for me.

If one finds a way to cut and paste the original patches names to other
patch locations let me know, I didn't find how ..be..

if I ever upgrade it or else I'll let you know

more info's on sound diver and the Sound Diver mailing list : 


thanks to Paolo Valladolid the Digital guitar site had some space for it


have fun