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Re: dual loop technique?RE

> From: Bob Campbell <astropulse@hotmail.com>
> To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: dual loop technique?
> Date: Quinta-feira, 21 de Janeiro de 1999 05:08
> I'm interested in hearing ideas about how 2 loop devices 
> can be used creatively together. I use JamMan's so am specifically
> interested in exploiting that device, but any generic technique
> ideas are of interest.
> Bob
>Hi Bob! im playing live with a power trio format with a Paradis without
sync...i been thinking to use the brother-sync feature with other guy in
the band who plays sax,didgeridoos and other weird stuff.The idea is :when
i control the lenght of the loop, sometimes using the beat-sync feature ,
he can play freely and change instruments without worried about...and
viceversa: when he controls, i can put lots of guitars just watchin to the
marshall  going feedback and noises...This idea its not on the road yet,
but i think its not imposible! sorry about my english...
Julio Moreno.

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