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Re: Loopers cd

>At 07:23 PM 1/20/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>Is there a secure way to order the Loopers-Delight cd 2? Also, is the
>>first cd still available? The order page is not encrypted and I kind of
>       And hesitate you SHOULD! I've recently been a victim of hacking and
>had nearly $200 whacked onto my check card. You definitely should use a
>browser support 128 bit encryption and ONLY order from secure sites. Even
>then, I'm STILL worried after being hacked! Good luck. Just thought I'd
>post this warning for all the online music shoppers!

And even with secure 128bit encryption, the dude at the shoe store can
still copy down your card number and buy himself a new stereo. Oh the
paranoia! I had over $2000 charged on my phone card for international calls
all over the world one day. By a nefarious hacker? no, just some guy
looking over my shoulder and selling the # at the airport...(phone company
reversed it, naturally)

Really, it's best to move to a shack in Montana.

or maybe apply statistical probabilities to your worries.

or just send Matt a check in the mail. that's safe. isn't it?


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