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Re: drum machine for D&B

What about Ensonqi ASR-X or ASRX-PRO? It costs bit more but it sounds
excellent. I know Veron Reid used it live with David Torn.

It can be both a sampler and a synth. It has effect and all those real
time tweaking knobs (not many, but fairly enough). I'm think to get it
as a master MIDI clock to control my Echoplex and plays some D&B stuff
on the background.

You may check out how it sounds here:


I've also tried Boss DR-202, I have to say that the preset (MIDI
files) are all very good and to my taste. It covers hip-hop, trip-hop,
funks, techno, ... every kind of trendy dance stuffs.

However, it sounds bad (just the good midi preset files make you think
it's good). Can't say much if you refer them as "lo-fi".

Having said that, it's a fun toy with knobs and sounds bad. Agreed
with the other gentlemen that it's just a toy but not a tool.

I'm seriously thinking the ASR-X/PRO ... any other using it?


---Crossedout@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 1/7/99 7:12:25 AM Central Standard Time,
> billcumm@sprynet.com writes:
> << I've heard that the new Boss DR202 drum machine is geared to Drum
and Bass,
>  and other electonic styles. >>
> This is true, but it's also difficult to manuever through without
the manual,
> doesn't sound really good (IMHO), and is built more like a toy than
a tool.
> True, the filters are fun to play with, but while I was test driving
it, I
> found myself more often than not crawling into a corner that
couldn't be
> backed out of, and having to turn the machine on and off. 
> If you have nothing, it might be worthwhile, but I'd personally wait
and see
> if it sells at all, or if you can pick it up this fall for half the
price when
> Roland unveils it's "new(est) hot techno/d'n'b/electro-box"... like
they seem
> to be doing every three months now. 
> And I will come clean, lest I offend any big fans of the 202 out

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