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Re: loopers delight cd vol.2 / loopers festival?

>In a message dated 1/7/99 2:09:01 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>DKirkdorffer@exapps.com writes:
>> Frank G and I are in Boston.  We could pull something together here, is 
>>  guess.
>sounds promising
>lets see if we can get some of the others interested (finger
>paint,dreamchild,ed chang etc.)

Well FingerPaint is always interested in a new city. It's a bit of a trek
from DC to Boston. Someone mentioned Pittsburgh the other day.  Could Ed
Chang set up something in New York. We could definately set up a gig here
in DC, but with my best efforts, it's always hard to get an audience for
the more experimental type of music around here.

Hell it does not even need to be far off the beaten muiscal grove and it's
still hard to draw a crowd.

Perhpas we should take this discussion off the list though.


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