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MIDI Sync for Echoplex and Live Setup

Dear all,

I sync-ed my computer (with Logic Audio on Mac and Cubase VST on PC)
to EDP via MIDI (Computer as master). After I've recorded a couple of
"Next" loops, the EDP is out of sync with the computer. I found the
start point is drifting and finally my EDP is complete out of sync
with the computer. However, it sometimes go back in sync after I
"Mute" and un-"Mute".

I'm using the latest s/w version 5.0 which is supposed to be perfect
for MIDI sync. I've two units of EDP and they have the same problem.
Anyone has similar experience?

Also, I want to play the EDP "live" with my drummer. I'd like to let
my drummer hear the "click" on my EDP without disturbing others (of
course, I don't want the audiences hear the click) and all other band
players follow the beat from drummer.

One of my setup is to use a drum machine as a master MIDI clock and
let my drum hear it directly. However, the drum machine has a low
volume and the drummer cannot hear when everyone plays. I was thinking
to use a PC lab top but it failed me with the above problem.

Anyone has better suggestion for the simplest setup so that I can have
a "click" for my drummer?

Besides, how do you guys use the Echoplex for live with a band?

Any comments are highly appreciated.


---Kim Flint <kflint@annihilist.com> wrote:
> not really answering the question, but adding a little tidbit of info:
> At 7:06 AM -0800 12/9/98, Claude Voit wrote:
> >audio click as tempo source (provided by metronome, seq click out
> >machine
> >this could also be used probably for other effects that have a tap
> >foot switch: Echoplex, G force...
> you can actually plug an audio click source (metronome, drum
machine, etc.)
> directly into the BeatSync jack of the echoplex, and use it for
> synchronizing loops to the tempo. Interface-wise, it works much like
> midi clock.
> kim
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