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Vortex footswitch improovement brainstorm

Hey all

Came back from my Vortex crisis 
thanks for the kind words of psychological support <]

Just had an idea about the tap foot switch of the vortex
why not simulate it by hooking it with a tempo source

What is needed:

audio click as tempo source (provided by metronome, seq click out ,drum
2- relay or else that simulates the vortex switch

I don't have the expertise to build that but I'm sure we could all
brainstorm a little on this idea until one of you engineers makes a

this could also be used probably for other effects that have a tap tempo
foot switch: Echoplex, G force...

Audio in---vol adjust----divider (x clicks = 1 SW action)----out to FX 

on the box SW 1 = normal tap tempo; SW 2 = send switch action to fx 

SW 1 should be same type as the vortex
SW 2 should be momentary type of switch so you can send the nb of switch
actions you want

this is the start idea

please join in