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Re: New Mailing List Archive!

At 4:36 AM -0800 12/7/98, Claude Voit wrote:
>excellent brilliant
>I will definitly try to learn the search language as there are so many
>interesting topics in there

yes, indeed there are!

>a Question : is this database protected against spam mail adress sucking

no, I have no idea how that could be done. it shouldn't be any different
from the previous archive, so whatever amount of spam that caused, this
should be the same. use bogus mail addresses if it really bugs you, or
learn to be quick with the delete key, or just enjoy your opportunity to
get 50million porno pics and make $$$$millions in multi-level marketing. 

>If you want to save some space on your harddisk delete every mail with
>"UNSbscrribe" included



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