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Re: WANTED: MIDI-Visual Basic connection

Hi Chuck,

Check Mabry software on the web -- http://www.mabry.com/ . They offer a
complete MIDI OCX (and VBX) custom control kit for VB (the MIDI Pack)
which, in addition to MIDI I/O and standard MIDI file capability, even
includes knobs, sliders, and pseudo-LED displays! You can download a trial
version at their site. It is fully functional but brings up an annoying
dialog box whenever you run a program containing a demo control. 

There is also an excellent book/CD combination by Paul Messick, called
"Maximum MIDI", published by Manning.  The URL is:
http://www.manning.com/Messick/ . The author was Director of Engineering
for Music Quest, where he developed MIDI interfaces and drivers. He is
incredibly knowledgeable and uses the book to share what he has learned.
This is definitely C++ oriented but contains loads of excellent explanatory
material about timing and other low level MIDI I/O stuff in Windows, and
comes with a dll (dynamic link library) that handles many MIDI functions,
and which can be accessed with Visual Basic, although that is not mentioned
in the book. The book includes well commented source code for the DLL and
other programs that are on the CD. When you buy the book, you are eligible
to partipate in an online forum in which the author is (or was -- I haven't
checked into it for many months) an active participant. That is where I
read that the dll can be used with VB. If you really want to understand how
MIDI works on the Windows PC, this is definitely the book to read.

There are a few older books that relate to DOS or the Atari ST. The Atari
based one is actually a generally useful source of information about MIDI
and MIDI programming. It contains Atari Basic source code for several
useful programs, including a sequencer. With a bit of work, much of this
could be ported to VB. It is "The Musician's Guide to MIDI", by Christian
Braut, and is published by Sybex.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


At 03:39 PM 11/30/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi to all!
>I am looking to write some MIDI stuff in Visual Basic 5.0.
>I have searched the help and www - can only find Multi-Media player 
>control, which does not let me get to the real midi data stream.
>I need a custom control (like the MSComm control) that lets me talk 
>MIDI devices already registered into the Win95 environment.
>(like my MusicQuest 8-port-SE or soundblaster MIDI port.)
>Any leads?
>PS - any interested V.B. hackers out there want to talk MIDI code?  email 
>Chuck Joy - crs@usa.net
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