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Re: impending footswitch failure?

At 3:31 PM -0800 11/28/98, Bill Monk wrote:
>>>Those switches come from mouser, http://www.mouser.com. I just took a 
>>>on the site, I think it's part number 103-50211.
>Any idea of a source for the input/output pots and mix/feedback pots? 
>I've had
>mix/feedback damaged in transit before, and in/out are now exhibiting some
>crackling. Oberheim was nice enough to send some mix/feed pots but they 
>be expected to do that forever; be nice to know where to buy a direct

Don't know what vendors/part numbers they use for that on the echoplex
these days. Shouldn't matter too much though, you should be able to find
many that will work. Input/output pots are 10k audio taper, mix and
feedback are both 50k linear. The form factor I think is a pretty common
vertical, PC mount type.


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