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DJRND2, a brand new looper to discover

Hello everybody !

My name is Emmanuel PERILLE, and I would like to introduce to you my
cyclic looper, the DJRND2, based upon a predefined wheel recording

The DJRND2 is mainly dedicated to DJs,
but you can still use it in other situations,
as to loop FM radio stations just for fun.

The method is quite simple to use :
- tap your tempo
- trim your tapped tempo to reach a 0.1 BPM accuracy
- and then start recording.

The DJRND2 gearwheels never stop, and 14 stereo loops are always
available to be mixed together with a muting keyboard, even during

Giving the exact tempo before recording allows you to obtain every loop
perfectly recorded in terms of beat, since each loop has its own defined
number of measures, and every loop is spinning in a common tempo.

Immagine 14 stereo loops perfectly fit kick-to-kick at the same time,
great !

You can change afterwards the loops tempo to synchronize with a new

I invite you to have a look at

And if it is possible, I can lend some prototypes so you can try.

Thank you

And long life to the looping world.

Emmanuel PERILLE