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Re: Feedback problem with EDP

sounds to me like the midi data being sent to your echoplex has errors in
it, or it is sometimes randomly sending CC values of zero. So you get
feedback settings jumping around and the loop audio cutting out. Could be a
poor connection between the expression pedal and the ground control (that
cable is shorting), or the pedal/pot is flaky, or the connector in the
ground control is flaky. You might want to get some electronics cleaning
solution and squirt it in the jacks and expression pedal potentiometer. 


At 07:36 PM 11/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
> Once in a while, when I reduce the feedback level via midi CC pedal (into
>my Ground Control), on the successive repeats, the sound 'cuts out',  
>just like a cord that has a short in it when you move it. Now I know it
>isn't a cord, since I tested it with several. I have the original SIMMS
>installed. Anyone else have this problem?
>Dave Eichenberger
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