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RE: Roland Dr. Sample

        >>but would someone care to tell me what it means to "filter the

I can't give you a true technical definition of a filter, but in the
case of Dr. Sample there are two different waveforms called envelopes
that filter out the high end of whatever sound you put through it.  You
can sweep the amount of highs cut by turning the knob.  This effect is
heard just about anywhere but it is especially prevalent in
house/techno, drum'n'bass, trip hop, etc.

I think I've read someplace that you can route a signal through the Dr.
Sample to use the effect, without actually sampling the sound first.  My
setup is too convoluted for me to use it as an effect device, so I
haven't attempted to use it that way (yet.)

For anyone who wants a variety of opinions on the unit, there are plenty
of comments on the Dr. Sample at www.the-gas-station.com.  Click on the
new reviews section and look for the boss/roland sp-202.

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> <<  You can still filter the samples, though,
>  which is great fun. >>
> this concept of filtering a sample sounds wonderful........but would
> someone
> care to tell me what it means to "filter the samples"......lets say i
> have a 5
> sec. vocal sample in my rang or edp or jammie----> then what
> happens.......where can i send this signal and what can i do with it
> to
> "filter the samples"? just wonderin'............michael
> p.s. thanks for the review on the Dr. Sample