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Re: help finding a Peavey PC1600X

>Don't know the Kenton Electronics One.

Check it at...

>I thought that the Launchpad was
>meant to be a companion to the EMU Dance synths and not a general purpose
>MIDI controller.

I think that the LaunchPad was originally intended as a controller for the
Emu Orbit sound module, but all controls on the LaunchPad are assignable,
I'm using the LaunchPad with an Emu E6400 sampler. It can be used with
other MIDI gear as well, as most (if not all) sliders and buttons on the
LaunchPad can be assigned to whatever MIDI controller numbers you desire.

- 4 assignable sliders, plus assignable expression pedal input.
- Pitch wheel and Modulation (assignable) slider.
- One octave velocity sensitive 'drum pad' keyboard (+5 ocatave, -4 ocatve
transposition range).
- Assignable trigger/transport control buttons.
- MIDI clock output.
- MIDI machine control.
- MIDI merge the MIDI input with LauchPad MIDI data.
+ more.