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Re: Dual EDP config.

By hooking up the brother sync I/O's of two EDP's. and midi out of one to 
in of the other, one can become a master, and the other a slave...then the
outputs of each can be run to a stereo mixer.

I use a nylon string flamenco guitar outfitted with RMC pickups...to an RMC
fanout box...from there I take the six individual string outputs of the 
box (patchbay) to six individual inputs of a Kendrick 6 shooter 6 channel 
preamp to "warm" the sound....and from the six outputs of the Kendrick, to 
a 6
channel Behringer stereo sub mixer, where I can adjust and balance 
string levels and panning for each string , to create a curtain of
sound...from the stereo outs of the Behringer, I go to stereo inputs on a
Presonus Blue Max compressor, (which I kick in for rumba flamenca strums) 
out for leads, when I want my dynamics;  and from the stereo outs of the
bluemax to the two inputs of the two EDP's...from there I go to a AudioPro
AP812 rackmounted Yorkville Powered Mixer, which has 400 watts / side, and 
channels of inputs...the outputs of the EDP's go to channels one and two of
this mixer...then I can mess with eq's for the top three or bottom three
strings, as well as add resident reverb to the highs and less to the
lows......channel 3, 4, and 5 are generally used for the stereo inputs from
GR-1,GR-30, and VG-8....11 & 12 are for my Marantz combo tape/cd
player/recorder inputs via rca jacks....speakers are Elite Yorkvilles...or 
smaller venues Altec monitors (coaxials)...for bigger events I add two 
macrotech power amps, with alesis graphic eq, and a Rane crossover to 
biamp to
an 18" bass speaker and other satellite cabinets.  All the gear is neatly
rackmounted, and I use the same setup for a coffee house gig, or larger
venue...only the speakers and additional power amps are added for the 

An alternate approach I'm considering is putting the EDPs at the end of the
final mixer output....but so far, I've not needed to do that...my main
interest has been in looping the guitar rhythm parts, for solo
performances.....I'm still getting use to the EDP's...I used to use a Jam 
in mono...but didn't like the fact that 2 different loops had to be of the
same length, which was not convenient if I wanted to loop a verse with one
length, and a chorus with yet another....with the EDPs maxed out to 198
seconds....I've got a lot more flexibility.

BTW...one footswitch controller handles both EDP's in sync.

Regards, Wayne