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Re: help finding a Peavey PC1600X

I usually avoid Peavey as well.  They haven't earned much of reputation
for quality, but I think it's more hit or miss.  I have a fretless bass
from them that I adore, and I used to have a combo amp from them that was
like a tank.  This seems to be a really well thought out product and
people I know who have it like it a lot.  The only other similar device
I'm aware of is from JLCooper and I've had problems with everything I've
ever used from them.


PS.  Thanks for the tips on finding one everybody.  It seems that American
Music here in Seattle has them, so I'll be picking mine up tomorrow!

> my i be so bold as to ask what this PC1600x is and why are a lot of us 
> after it.......for some reason i always pass up Peavey when looking at
> equipment (i have no idea where this prejudice comes form, perhaps funky 
> from my past)........michael