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Re: Bass loopage

> How many bass players are there out there kicking out the dope loops,
> yo?

I have been doing this for a while. I use Alembic preamps, Lexicon LXP 1
and LXP 5 and Jamman with an MRC (I used to wire an external control right
into my bass so I could control pitch shifts and reverb times right off the
bass, but my special multi pin cable kept going south right before crucial
gigs.) Digitech distortion, a Mutron III, Bassballs, Tubescreamer, Digitech
Whammy II and a Morley Wah/Vol (One of the old huge chrome jobs). It all
runs in stereo and I use an Ibanez EPP400 patch controller for the analog
FX so I can change order and what effects are on. Needless to say, the bass
can very quickly assume other characteristics, especially when played with
various props. Another bassist that I have jammed with who does this kind
of thing is Stacey Starkweather of Burlington VT. He is well worth checking
out on all levels. We have a duet we call Bak-O-Bass that reaches all kinds
of outer realms. Most folks who hear it have no idea that it is bass.


Edwin Hurwitz
Boulder CO