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EDP Group Purchase

for all you folk requesting the original group purchase message.

>Ok - I spoke with John at Alto Music here's the deal.
>Here's the Fax number for Alto Music for those whom making a phone call 
>is inconvenient.
>So far it looks like there will be about 12 units, maybe more...
>If you want to get one or more EDP's with or without a pedal do the 
>1. Call Alto Music @ (914) 692-6922 10-6pm Monday through Saturday and 
>ask for John.
>Tell him you're calling about ordering an Echoplex as part of the Loopers 
>Delight Internet mailing list - he's not hip to the listserv thing so be 
>sure to mention Echoplex & internet in the same sentence and he'll know 
>what your calling about.
>2 Give him your order info - i.e. How many you want, pedal or not, 
>address CC#, shipping preference etc.
>NOTE: while they do some mail order they are not setup like Musicians 
>Friend etc, in that they can say immediately what your freight will be.  
>You can request that they call you with the exact amount of shipping once 
>they have determined it. Rest assured that he's a straight up guy & there 
>won't be any gouging on shipping fees.
>3. Be patient, think Buddha like thoughts, or if you're really advanced, 
>no thoughts at all.
>The units are not in stock. Once he gets a bunch of orders, he'll place 
>an order with Gibson. When he receives the units they will be sent to you 
>according to your instructions. The time between when he places the order 
>& when they arrive is dependent on Gibson, UPS, acts of God, etc. If 
>Gibson is to be believed regarding stock & turnaround time, I'd guess 
>that everyone will have their units in 2-3 weeks.
>The prices are:
>$560 for EDP w/ 4Mb RAM
>$660 for EDP w/ 4Mb & pedal
>+ shipping ( & tax if you are in NY state) no tax for out of state 
>We didn't discuss a time limit on this offer but I'm sure as long as 
>people are ordering a moderate amount the price will be good for a couple 
>of weeks - barring any price changes from Gibson/Oberheim of course.
>Alright, Let the feeding frenzy begin!