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Re: ensoniq dp/pro, anyone?

At 10:21 AM 11/9/98 -0600, Chuck Zwicky wrote:
>I helped ensoniq develop many of the algorhythms for the DP/Pro, mostly 
>compressors and the de-esser. The 'loop recorder' is not particularly
>happening, since the unit has only 1.4 seconds of delay. You can assign a
>footswitch to toggle the delay hold on and off. It is fun to use the speed
>parameter to replay everything backwards, one octave down. Very surprising

does the Pro have the same frustrating 'feature' of the DP/4 std: there is
no true 100% feedback setting.  between 2 adjacent feedback values, one
slowly but surely decays and the next higher slowly overloads?  also,
trying to use 2 loop delays in parallel for stereo fails because the stop
time seen by one may be just a tad different from the other, causing the L
& R loops to go out of syncronization. (fwiw, my DP/4 Std is underused and
can be had for $450 + COD.)

later... dan
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