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Re: that thing you do

At 10:55 AM -0800 11/8/98, Andreas Willers wrote:

>Too bad I really goofed two times with the EDP, maybe cause I wore quite
>big shoes on stage and the buttons on that footcontroller are quite small 
>close together. Will have to work on that (hope I don't have to get 
>Tennesean cowboy boots...).

remember, the Undo function on the Echoplex can also undo a mistaken button
press (in addition to undoing overdubs). So if you have a great loop going,
and you accidently press Record instead of Overdub, don't panic. Tap Undo
and the wrong function will be stopped. You will be back where you were
before. Well, actually you will be back where you would have been if you
hadn't screwed up. The echoplex keeps track of the time passed and puts you
back in the right spot, so things stay sync'd up. It works with other
functions as well, but record is usually the worst mistake. :-)  It is
somewhat dependant on memory, as there has to be enough to keep a copy of
the old loop while you are mistakenly recording a new one. Usually though,
you know you screwed this up right away, and you can Undo it long before
your old loop starts getting erased.


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