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Re: that thing you do

I'm just coming home from this first solo gig with a boomerang AND an EDP
and boy I had some fun. Both units complement each other quite nicely: the
Rang, although a little noisy, is really straightforward in the thick of
improvisation, gives instant reversing and esp. pitched (8va/8vb) loop
sounds that can be used attracively to contrast the more architectural (?,
sorry) stuff the EDP can do (with Undo, Multiple, Multiple loops etc.).

Too bad I really goofed two times with the EDP, maybe cause I wore quite
big shoes on stage and the buttons on that footcontroller are quite small &
close together. Will have to work on that (hope I don't have to get pointed
Tennesean cowboy boots...). On top of that I sometimes forgot the setting
of the feedback level - I remember Matthias recommends using an extra pedal
but well I hate to much stuff on the floor.

BTW, I use a TECH 21 MIDI MOUSE to switch the channels on my preamp/fx
stuff because it is nice & SMALL (just 3 switches: up, down & 'search'),
but for quieter gigs the switches are a drag (to loud!). Does anybody know
a unit that is as compact but with quieter switching? Hints are

Best, Andreas