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Recent CD releases by list members

Subject:  CD Releases by List Members

Just wanted to take a time out to comment on my impressions of two
excellent recent releases by list members -- Fingerpaint's Primary
Colors:Blue and Michael Peter's 'Escape Veloopity'.

Even though Fingerpaint members Patrick Smith and Steev Geest are
guitarists, Primary Colors: Blue isn't a 'guitar album', in the traditional
sense.  The emphasis here is on sonics and texture -- Fingerpaint shows off
a rich, varied sonic palette over a broad range of style and texture,
ranging from smooth and relaxing to angular and dark.

*Rain*, the opening cut on the CD, is the strongest piece on the disk, and
features heavily overdriven guitar nestled in a collage of dark and unusual
sounds.  *Blue Sky Darkening* is another strong cut, and my personal 

I had a chance to see a Fingerpaint show a month or so back, on a triple
bill with Dark Aether Project and Tony Geballe.  Patrick and Steev are
sensitive, aware improvisers who make subtle and imaginative use of their
electronically augmented guitars.  They'll be appearing again with Dark
Aether Project later this month near DC.  Check out
http://www.fingerpaint.net for details -- the CD is available here, too, as
well as through Wayside/Cuneiform.

Michael Peters' 'Escape Veloopity' *is* a guitar album -- a very good
guitar album -- featuring interesting loops combined with acoustic picking,
and a full complement of lead work on electric.  

According to the liner notes, 'Escape Veloopity' is a collection of
sketches, rather than finished compositions, and was largely recorded live,
without overdubs.  The highpoint of the CD for me is the clean
electric/acoustic guitar work on track 9, called *Ambleside, April 28, 

Michael's CD can be ordered from Eurock, or directly from his web site at