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Re: Midi footswitch for Echoplex

well, this is sort of old, sorry....(some of the rest of you can answer
these things once in a while!)

At 2:44 PM -0800 10/31/98, Neil Goldstein wrote:
>I am planning to get an EDP in the near future. What are the relative pros
>and cons of controlling it via a midi foot pedal vs. the dedicated floor

I actually use both at the same time, although you can do everything with a
decent midi pedal. One thing I do find though, is I like having a pedal
just dedicated to the echoplex functions. Then I don't have to go back and
forth with bank switching a lot to deal with effects control and the loop
control at the same time. So I'll often use the OB pedal for that, while
leaving the midi pedal for effects control. Or I'll have the OB pedal for
function control and the midi pedal for loop triggering, and bank switches
on the midi pedal are just between loop triggering and effects control. One
pedal for each thing is ok for me though, since I don't use any others. I
do use the midi pedal by itself more and more, and that does work fine.

However, if you have no other use for midi control, save yourself a lot of
pedal programming hassle and get the OB pedal. It's very simple and obvious
to use, just plug it in and it works.

>If the midi pedal does the same job, I would prefer to get one of
>these for other purposes as well. There was some discussion months back
>about what pedals are recommended but lost the info. What models are
>recommended? Is midi timing as tight as the dedicated pedal buttons?

Personally, I use a Digitech PMC-10, which I think is one of the best midi
pedals ever. Check out this page for more info on it:


They are not in production anymore, sadly. I got mine used for $100, which
was a great deal. The pedal does just about everything. Other good choices
are the Rocktron AllAccess, which seems to be a great pedal but is a little
expensive or the Roland FC-200(?), which is good except for the lame
display. Check out the Echoplex footpedal tutorial for more details on what
kind of midi pedal to get:



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