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Re: EDP memory

At 10:35 PM 11/4/98 -0800, Rik Myers wrote:
>Greetings fellow Earthlings,
>I was planning on joining the EDP "group buy" extravaganza, but located a
>used EDP with a full complement of memory and footcontroller for a better
>I just got the EDP yesterday, but the 4X4meg simms were not yet loaded. I
>swapped in the 4 meg simms but when I powered up, instead of seeing "198"
>for loop time, I saw "66.1". I reseated the simms, but still"66.1". Hmmm,
>shouldn't this be "198". I'm a bit confused...

sounds to me like you've got the MoreLoops parameter set to 3. This divides
the memory among 3 loops (or whatever its set to), so when you power up the
display shows the time available in Loop 1. (198/3=66)

Either go to the MoreLoops parameter and set it back to 1, or maybe just
reset all the parameters to start completely fresh. Do that by holding the
parameter button at power up, and keep holding it until the echoplex gets
through with its bootup sequence.

Kim Flint, MTS                 408-752-9284
Chromatic Research             kflint@chromatic.com