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re:band names

Once upon a time there was a 'showband' who toured around Ireland in the 
70's, playing 'ballrooms'.
They were fronted by 'Big Tom'.  With the large community of Irish 
descendents in New York they
decided to go on tour there. Posters were put up and come the night of the 
gig tickets were going
well. Out walks Big Tom onto the stage. Instead of the usual blue rinse 
bingo folk, he's confronted by
a large amount of long haired hippy types. They look at each other, 
bemused. 'hello boys and girls'
says Big Tom, counting in the band  for their first number, some old Irish 
tune or other. 
Their full name, as appeared on the posters ? Big Tom and the Mainliners.
True story.

 ( Big Tom fans in London take note - he still does the odd pub gig in the 
Finsbury Park area. He's still shite, too.