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FingerPaint & Dark Aether Project

                 Delayed Productions & Joe's Movement Emporium


                   FingerPaint and the Dark Aether Project

Mt. Rainier MD- Joe's Movement Emporium will be hosting an exciting evening
of original music. Two of Maryland's premier groups will be pushing the
envelope in their respective genres.

The performance will take place at Joe's Movement Emporium, 3802 34th St.,
Mt. Rainier, MD 20712, on Saturday November 14th at 8pm. Admission is $10.
For more information 301/699-1819.

FingerPaint is guitarists/synthesists Steev Geest and Patrick Smith. They
use long digital delays to set up textural loops that have been referred to
as "cinematic. Exploring the edges of electronic music and spontaneous
composition, their improvisatory soundscapes have been described as
"sinister and alien" (Philadelphia City Paper.)

 See www.fingerpaint.net for more information.

The Dark Aether Project features Adam Levin (Warr 8 String Touch Style
Guitar/Loops), Yaman Aksu (Fretted and Fretless Guitars/Guitar Synth), and
Brian Griffin (Drums). Their music is a blend of progressive, psychedelic,
and free-form improvisational rock-fusion with elements of non-western
ethnic and loop-based ambient musics thrown in for good measure.

"...jazz-inflected, often minimalistic...foreboding soundscape[s]...
classy...offers mature musicianship without pretentiousness."
-Progression Magazine Volume II Number 26

See http://www.darkaether.net for more info on The Dark Aether Project

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