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Re:The Story of our Age/Percussion/Jamman Midi

Sorry for the mix of several different subjects at once ...

The "Story of our Age" - our age has as many stories as there are people
telling them.  I think any attempt to objectively generalize about society 
large falls short and paradoxically succeeds in saying a lot specifically
about one person (...the one doing the generalizing that is).  Just $.02 
my corner of the universe...

Speaking of looped/processed percussion, I've been listening to the new 
Coughing, "El Oso", lately and there seems to be quite a bit of this 
on there.  Anyone know exactly what's being done on some of this?  Some 
suspiciously like drum machines through a fuzzbox (which is a cool enough
sound), but there's quite a lot of interesting textural/rhythmic stuff on 
that I can't quite place, at least to my ears.

JamMan owners, a question:  I'm using a Ground Control Midi controller 
with it
which works fine, but it seems a lot to lug around and take up a lot of 
space when I'm only using it to access a couple functions.  Any one 
with using one of those double footswitch Digitech PDS 3500's programmed to
control the loop fade functions, for instance (the only functions I really
regret they didn't stick on the front panel)?  If it works, I see these 
used for quite cheap ($35-$50) fairly often and it would sure be easy to 
stick that on the floor next to the Tap/Bypass footswitch Lexicon provides 
most of what I need.  Being the Midiot that I am, I'm wondering if some 
curious soul out there has tried it and could help point the way...

Finally, I'm going to be up in Oakland Friday Nov. 13 doing some 
improv on guitar & pipa with tuba player Tom Heasley.  Tom & I also just
recorded a CD with Don Preston (piano & electronics) & Bobby Bradford 
that has some pretty heavy looping content on my part that Tom is 
release on as we speak.  Anyone interested in more details about the show 
the CD when available please contact me offlist (krosser414@aol.com)