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Plex only propositions (was Questions to Plex users (new features...))

Mathias, Kim, Plexofans

In the new features or inprovements I would like to see the

Multiple plex features 
- 2 midi chan for the plex:
The first being the general chan that you would adress for talking to
all the plexes this is also the channel that would transmit the
footswitch commands to the slaves
the second is the private chan when you want to talk to each machine

- In sampler style with run (switch Q off) the first note on behaves
like it does now but a second note on (same note) should refire the loop
to allow placing the loop at any point in time (could be very practical
to flip around phrases relating to the music around)this *must* work
also with sync in; the start point being pointed to the midi clock so it
keeps a qantized relation to the outside world

- multiple plexes syncing to a seq: would'nt it be better if the midi
clock would only ataign the first one in the chain the brother sync
making the sync further in the chain (sync _in_ on plex1 sync _brother_
in plex2, plex3, plex4 etc..
(btw is brother sync expandable with more than two plexes)
the other way when the seq is the midi clock slave: the last plex in the
chain sync _out_ the others 
being in _brother sync_
- undo redo: the undo switch is one of my favorite switches it alows me
(if the loop isnt too long) to step the successive tranformations
backwards the redo switch would allow to go forward again allowing
navigate thru the different undo layers (the next loop switch would be
the best candidate)

merci pour votre attention

bonne journee