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RE: Home Studio

The last (October) Guitar Player magazine has reviews of four of these
stand-alone digital recorders, including the Korg D8, plus "similar"
products by Fostex, Yamaha, Roland. They are all quite different for
capabilities, format, tradeoffs.

There is also the product line from Event 1 (www.event1.com), consisting of
plug-in modules for multi-channel PC recording plus a $299 condenser
microphone that looks excellent.  

Haven't tried any of these.

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>well, just for starters, you're looking at around $1800-$2K for the 8
>another $600-900 for the DAT, another $500-1K for the burner, and another
>$1200-1400 for the ASR-X (and these are way ballpark figures), so you're
>looking at least $4,100 - $5,300 in gear. Assuming you don't need a mixer,
>in that case add another $500-$2500, depending on what kind of mixer you

It doesn't have to be such a bummer, IMO.  I'd recommend the Korg D8 8
track at $900, a Phillips CDR 870 stand-alone CDR recorder for $600, and
forget the DAT.  A Mackie 1202VLZ may do your mixing job and there are a
lot of used ones at $250.  I can't claim experience with the ASR-X or its
competitors, sorry....

David Myers