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Re: This Sampling debate

> Just wanted to change the tone a little on this debate.
> Why, with such a diversity of license free sample distributors, should
> anyone want to take the risk of using copyrighted material?> 
> The quality of many of these samples, and the inspiration they provide
> just as good as (if not better) many commercial tunes.  

i'm with you, steve.. seems like a mountain of bandwidth on an easily
avoidable issue. - Tho' i've enjoyed learning all the diverse opinions out
there. it ain't an easy issue.
Let the courts decide on the real fringe stuff...but, seems to me , the
clear cut examples can be avoid by...creativity..and using - yes - the
GAZILLIONS of available samples..

And let's all go give Gabriel's "Security" or Zappa's "Jazz from Hell"
another spin - both are colossally sample dependent - yet they each sampled
all the sounds ... these albums will endure centuries longer than any Beck
, Puffed-Up Daddy, MC Hammered, or anyone else's recycled music.