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RE: muddying the sampling waters/copyright

> - What Stones tune did the Verve loop?  I never picked up on it.. 
> - Brendan
        Actually, it wasn't a "real" Stones tune, but part of a track from
one of those symphonic Stones type of records. Andrew Loog Oldham (is this
the right guy?) apparently did "symphonic" versions of their tunes and one
of these (this could be the last time?) is what the Verve used.

        What I read had the Verve's manager going in to Allen Klein
(remember him?), and playing him the track and asking for the Stones' legal
blessing. Klein said, sure the publishing is 50/50. Verve manager walks out
happy, presents deal to band. Then they find out that Klein meant 50 for
Jagger/50 for Richards, like every other Stones tune . . . and the Stones
people are also the ones who gave the tune to Nike, since they had the
publishing, they had the rights. Allegedly the Verve didn't want this to
happen, but legally could not stop it. On the back end it did help them 
huge $ tho' . . . 

        I dunno, do Mick an Keef really need all that much more $? (I know,
I'm a commie. please don't flame me on this.)