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RE: Sampling debate

> Once again, I think it's worthwhile to draw some analogies to the
> non-sampling world.  If I write a piece of music inspired by a
> particular artist, and then somewhere down the road I find out that the
> artist in question hates the piece (even if it contains no obvious
> references or quotes of their work), should I feel an obligation to
> banish or destroy the piece?  
        The classical world has had lots of examples of "variations on a
theme by . . . " I guess one could say that the difference is in
how/what/why something was done. Compare and contrast Brahms and usage of
thematic material versus sampling's usage of material. Might be an
interesting  exercise to find out how one feels about this stuff. For the
record I like both Brahms and PE. If I have a bias, it would be on how much
of something is used and the "originality" of the work that came out of it.
Maybe's it's back to Duke Ellington: "There's only good music and bad

        Interesting thread