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Re: Hypothetical Question

> If your looper had 10 minutes of looping time, what would you do with it?
> How would it affect your music?

        dont you think that computers and some samplers actually
        provide this kind of power?

        couldnt you say that theres a certain point at which sample
        time becomes academic? after 1 minute, after 4?

        10 minutes is almost 4 times as long as the average pop song,
        and still a little longer than some less pop oriented formats.

        also, i think its important to consider what exactly is
        meant by "to loop". a loop wouldnt be a loop if it didnt return
        to the beginning. a ten minute loop would be a very, very long
        loop indeed. listeners may only be able to identify the
        sound as a loop if they recognized its return to some point.

        maybe a ten minute loop would be composed of 100,000 tiny
        little loops. maybe itd be one, gigantic ten minute thing.

        maybe ten or fifteen of the things running in parallel, all
        with random access controls, would signify the new beginning
        of the remix. like a digital version of chopping  up a reel
        of tape and randomly splicing it all back together. 

        maybe it would usher in the begining of a more algorithmic
        form of music. if random access could be decided according
        to some set of rules.

        it kind of reminds me of playing along with a multitrack tape.
        if you were to play a ten minute loop into the thing (itd
        take ten minutes to do, of course) and then play it back, itd
        probably be very much like playing along with a tape
        recording, rather than a captured moment.

        in the end, though, i still think itd end up being academic.
        i also think that looping may be redefined.