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Re: Sentences running off the page.

That's funny, because on my screen it looks the best.  All my other posts
come in a font that's too big for the width of my screen.  Ethically, I'd
have to say that the amount of money I make is disproportionately equal to
the font size of my posts, therefore everyone gets hurt.  But at the same
time, using the Bernard Purdie
speech from the Puff Daddy / Andy Summers golf face-off would be a direct
violation of Robert Fripp's FAQ about his interview with Willie Dixon, who
had no idea he was a blues musician.  But who knows, he was probably lying.

Seriously tho, I've been trying to look at this issue from the sampling
'dissers' and beyond the fair use issue and into the so-called ethical
issue.  I guess I have no problem sampling a couple seconds from a "Big
Star" because
1. I will be losing money and
2. the Big Star won't be losing money (or audience) and
3. I don't use the sample in a derogatory way (in fact I usually hope my
sample source will get a kick out of it)
4. It's always recognizable as "a sample" in my pieces, so it's not like
I'm trying to trick my audience
5. To not sample would be the same as censorship of creative expression.
If to some people that's stealing, well then I quote Stravinsky quoted by
John Zorn (see Now I give credit!):
"A great composer doesn't borrow ideas, he steals!" (or something to that

Now if any of the above changed, then I would see it morally correct to pay
for sample use.  I'm still thinking about that looping James Brown thing
tho...I'm on the fence with that one....a whole piece based on one
sample...that sounds a bit too easy...?


I can't speak for everyone else but your messages run way off the page.
I know Kim once addressed this problem but I can't recall the solution.
Maybe he could post it one more time.  By the way, you are not the only
offender here just the most prolific. :}


Thomas W┐hni wrote:
> Hi Kim , I think our little thread has gotten out of hand.  We are
cutting parts
> of each others comments out of context and replying to them and missing
each others points. I realize now that I have misunderstood the things you
were saying and I know you certainly misunderstood me. At the end of this I
want to make a few things clear so that our "miscommunication" doesn`t
alter our perception of each other.
> 1. I did not spend 20 years trying to play like Jim Hall beacause I was
born 20 years ago.
> 2. I`m totally into sampling and my dream is actually affording one some
> 3. I see nothing artistically wrong with sampling or cutting out audio
>from other people`s work.
> 4. 50 percent of the time I spend with my computer I spend "sampling"
with cubase,cool edit and Acid.
> Thank you for an interesting debate , though I wish it could happen in
real-time to avoid misunderstandings.
> Yours , Thomas
> PS. Just got "Hard normal Daddy" (Squarepusher) and it`s awesome. That
guy is an inspiration.