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Re: On Talks with Clubowners...

> Is it just me, or is the word "showcase" being used by the owner to 
> his venue often a warning that This Might Be A Bad Place To Play?  And, 
> it overused?

as has been already mentioned "showcase" can mean everything from 

"You play here for free for the priveledge of being seen"


"You pay me for the honor of being in my club"


"You get a chance to play for an audience that will potentially dig you
and may/may not get paid in the process."

so the lesson is define what the clubowner thinks is a "showcase" and then
decided if you wnast ot do that accordingly. Personally I don't think
there is anything wrong with being a professional (or amateur) musicians
and deciding to do one off or free shows if you want to so i wouldn't let
that alone discourage you from playing. besides it might be a good place
to start sharpening your live skills and building an audience you can then
take somewhere else.

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