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Re: On Talks with Clubowners...

You'd be suprised how many coffeehouses *do* pay fo you to play 'ambient,
electronic' stuff. I get booked around here (and get paid) simply because
it's not typical coffeehouse music. Hell, I supported an East Coast US tour
playing only coffeehouses.
And no tip jar is ever involved. Give it a try.
Dave Eichenberger
'Future Perfect' - art music - visit our website at:

>It's not realistic to expect payment from a coffeehouse gig, unless you
>want to set out a tip jar or something along those lines.   I've never
>heard of a coffee shop charging cover for an act, and I'd be pretty
>reluctant to go along with it as a customer.
>The problem with trying to get paying gigs for playing ambient
>electronic material is that it's sort of inherently background-oriented
>music, with little in the way of a performance aspect in the traditional
>sense of the word.  So a club/bar/coffehouse owner might be hard pressed
>to come up with a good reason why they should pay someone for doing that
>when they can just as easily pop a CD by a world-famous ambient artist
>into the house PA for free...
>Anyway, good luck.