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Re[2]: MIDI continuous controller ideas

     The PMC-10 definitely does this... You have 10 footswitches available 
     in any single bank. Each patch (footswitch) allows 2 ExPeds to be 
     assigned. Each ExPed can manipulate 3 controllers and can be reverse 
     scaled and truncated etc. 
     Very powerful for tweaking multiple parameters via one pedal or 
     multiple dsp's via one pedal. One bank of these sort of assignments 
     adds up to around 60 possible controller assignments!
     You can also send a string of preset controller values with MIDI 
     string A or MIDI string B. This is great for instant changes or 
     initializing a dsp.
     I wish someone would update this controller to a more roadworthy box!

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Subject: Re: MIDI continuous controller ideas
Author:  patrick@his.com (Patrick Smith) at INTERNET
Date:    8/23/98 8:40 AM

On 8/23/98 Mark Hamburg said:

>MIDI controllers aren't looping devices, but they certainly are useful 
>manipulating loops, so this is at least marginally on topic.
>If someone knows of a device like this, please let me know. If not, I'll
>add the following to the pool of ideas for future hardware development.
>I want one continuous pedal and a set of footswitches that change what
>controller it represents.


I'm not positive on this yet, but I think the Digitech PMC-10 might fill
your need. I have to re-set my rack up today after a couple evenings
rehearsals with FingerPaint and will explore this further. The PMC-10 can
take on two controller pedals......


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