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Re: Torn acid loops

hey leo,

i'v been working  on soundtracks for a paintball arena, basically a mix of 
and sound fx to simulate a jungle war game. Acid seems like it will make 
the job
much easier and better, i have'nt found much it can't do but yeah more
plugins.......now i can really make some sick music.


Leonardo Cavallo wrote:

> At 09.43 23/08/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >I just got Acid. Does anybody have any tips on using  it. I love it 
> >the mind boggles at the possibilities.
> >
> >thanks,
> >
> >Jeff
> >
> Hi jeff
> what do you wanna know about ACID?
> It's simply incredible...
> I'm selling my grooves work to an italian magazine called Cubase Mag (as
> journalist I write for them too, instrument tests and articles about 
> Cubase VST). On every issue it offers a CD full of demo progs from the 
> and 30-40 complete grooves (drums and all the other instruments like 
> guitars, synths, etc.). Currently I'm programming my samples and 
> original material almost entirely on ACID (I have an Event Gina and a 64
> GOld). Cubase VST is used only for sequencing and FX processing single
> tracks (there're a lot more VST plug ins than DirectX... and VST ones 
>are a
> lot cheaper!!!)
> ciao
> leo
> >Leonardo Cavallo wrote:
> >
> >> Hi guys
> >>
> >> I think this could be interesting:
> >>
> >> Madison, WI - Sonic Foundry (AMEX:SFO) introduces seven new loop 
> >> in their Loops for ACID series. The libraries: Street Beats by poogie 
> >> Signals I and II Analog Synth Dance Loops, and Funky xtreams I and II,
> >> Syntonic Generator, and Pandora's Toolbox were created by leading 
> >> designers and optimized to take advantage of ACID's time stretching
> >> capabilities. ACID is Sonic Foundry's loop-based music creation 
> >> The loop libraries are original and license free.
> >>
> >> Pandora's Toolbox
> >>
> >> A collection of unusal sounds from the master of loops, David Torn. 
>If you
> >> need to add a creepy or weird element to your project, look no 
> >>
> >> ciao
> >> leo
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >