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Re: Torn acid loops

At 09.43 23/08/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I just got Acid. Does anybody have any tips on using  it. I love it 
>the mind boggles at the possibilities.

Hi jeff

what do you wanna know about ACID? 
It's simply incredible...

I'm selling my grooves work to an italian magazine called Cubase Mag (as
journalist I write for them too, instrument tests and articles about using
Cubase VST). On every issue it offers a CD full of demo progs from the Net
and 30-40 complete grooves (drums and all the other instruments like 
guitars, synths, etc.). Currently I'm programming my samples and recording
original material almost entirely on ACID (I have an Event Gina and a 64
GOld). Cubase VST is used only for sequencing and FX processing single
tracks (there're a lot more VST plug ins than DirectX... and VST ones are a
lot cheaper!!!) 


>Leonardo Cavallo wrote:
>> Hi guys
>> I think this could be interesting:
>> Madison, WI - Sonic Foundry (AMEX:SFO) introduces seven new loop 
>> in their Loops for ACID series. The libraries: Street Beats by poogie 
>> Signals I and II Analog Synth Dance Loops, and Funky xtreams I and II,
>> Syntonic Generator, and Pandora's Toolbox were created by leading sound
>> designers and optimized to take advantage of ACID's time stretching
>> capabilities. ACID is Sonic Foundry's loop-based music creation 
>> The loop libraries are original and license free.
>> Pandora's Toolbox
>> A collection of unusal sounds from the master of loops, David Torn. If 
>> need to add a creepy or weird element to your project, look no further.
>> ciao
>> leo