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Re: Converting FileFormats.

I don't know about Cubase but with Cool Edit http://www.syntrillium.com/  
I can *Open As* any type waveform I want. Perhaps Cubase does the


Thomas W┐hni wrote:

> Hi all , I`m trying to put werid samples into my songs in Cubase. But 
>most of the stuff
> I find on the net is in the wrong format. Basically , I need  a file in 
>16-bit , 44.1 kHz ,right?
> Is there a way to convert a file , say an 8-bit , 22. kHz file into 16 
>bit , 44.1 kHz??
> And if so , can it be done with a program on my computer? And is this 
>"dram-program" available for free , if it even exists??  I hope so.
> Yours , Thomas W