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Re: Laptop Soundcard

> Can anyone recomend a good sound card for my laptop?  I have a Panasonic 
> CF-63, 166mhz w/ accelerater, 32mb ram, pentium, 32 bit.  I want to be 
> to record samples directly into my laptop from my mixer.  Right now I 
> a lot of hiss going through the mic input. (which is an 1/8" plug, 
        This sounds like a shielding problem.  The inside of a computer is
an amazingly noisy environment (electronically).  This is why the higher
end audio cards have breakout boxes.  I'm not sure if there are any laptop
soundcards that fix this problem.

> Also, when I play clean samples live I get cpu noise.  Is there anyway 
> illiminate that?  It seems to show up more when I perform live in a 
> Will a better sound card improve that?  Cost is a consideration too.
        Again, it sounds like a shielding problem.  If it's worse in a
club, I wonder if it's also a power issue.  You might help the issue out
if you used a power conditioner.  I would borrow one before you bought
one, they're not too cheap.  A really good power conditioner will
eliminate most of the noisy variations in the current going to your
machine and that might help, but I'm not positive.