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RE: Recording from your computer

If you mean recording from your computer in the literal sense with the AWE
64 Gold, there's an extra plate that comes with the card that allows you to
plug in a DAT for recording to.

If you don't have, or can't afford DAT, you can always just plug into the
Auxillary socket of your amplifier/HiFi, and record to normal tape as you
would off the radio.  As for recording to CD-R, you can do this by 
your tracks as WAV files, usw Adaptec Easy CD PRO to convert them to
standard audio files, and then just burn to the CD.  The other advantage of
this is it needs to store the CD image on your hard drive, so you only need
to do all the converting once, and then you can burn as many copies as you

If, on the other hand, you're asking about hard disk recording, well... I'm
afraid you're going to have to upgrade your system.  I think Cubase VST and
Cakewalk 6.0 both recommend P166 MMX's as a minimum spec for HD recording,
and as pointed out earlier this week (or last week, can't remember now) a
SCSI drive is indespensable.

You then record to your hard drive from the line-in or microphone sockets 
your soundcard, or from your CD-ROM drive.

Hope this helps,

Steve Lauder